2019 Banga Sammelan Business Forum Seminar

Entrepreneurship – Successful Executions & Enabling Factors


Saturday July 6, 2019   9:30 AM to 2:00 PM   Entrepreneurship in the Knowledge Economy

Sunday July 7, 2019  9:30 AM to 12:00 PM Entrepreneurship in the Brick and Mortar Economy

VENUE: Baltimore Convention Center Rooms 301-303

WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND: If you are interested in entrepreneurship, either as an aspirant, a practitioner or just curious, this is a must-attend event for you.  A distinguished panel of speakers, from both the US and India, will provide insights into and share best practices of successful entrepreneurship in traditional brick and mortar industries as well as  today’s knowledge economy.

HIGHLIGHTS – timely topics, distinguished speakers, leveraging Washington DC location


  • TOPICS:   Today’s knowledge-based economy makes it possible for people to become successful entrepreneurs with knowledge capital and relatively little cash.  Its frontiers include Information and Communications technologies, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnologies.  Our speakers will discuss entrepreneurial opportunities and best practices in this space. They will share success stories, and lessons in successful entrepreneurship in traditional brick and mortar industries such as the infrastructure and hospitality sectors. Another area we will touch upon is the benefit from outsourcing operations, such as product development, to India (with focus on Kolkata). 


  • SPEAKERS: Examples from the knowledge economy include a sought after, inspirational keynote speaker on business culture, the ex-Chief Scientist of Philips North America Research; a pioneering biotechnology entrepreneur from India; a senior DC DOT executive speaking to Government initiatives in transportation; an award-winning cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur; an erstwhile chief economist of the Wireless Bureau of the FCC; a recent US National Inventors Hall of fame inductee; an award winning serial entrepreneur developing machine learning based IOT products in Kolkata and Baltimore, a successful IT entrepreneur with development operations in Virginia and Noida for US Government customers, and others.  From the brick and mortar economy, we have a well-known Singapore based NRI industrialist and philanthropist with major investments and business activities in India, and the CEO of a diversified global chemical company.   Click here for bios of our distinguished speakers.


  • LEVERAGING LOCATION:  To an extent, we have tried to exploit our proximity to Washington D.C. by focusing on areas where the US Government plays a catalytic role through its procurement activities which can provide the path to market for a new startup.  The Government is making, or influencing, massive investments in new infrastructures, such as: new cellular communication systems (5G, especially IoT), revolutions in transportation (autonomous driving), artificial intelligence (which is pervading all technologies) and biotechnologies that promise to revolutionize health care.  These government initiatives present significant entrepreneurial opportunities.


Thanks to generous support by TEOCO Corp and Cybertec Inc., a light breakfast and working lunch will be provided to enable attendees to participate in the entire seminar without interruption.


business speakers
atul_jain_icoMr. Atul Jain, Founder & CEO TEOCO Demonstrated the value of employee ownership in creating a high growth business. Read Bio
prasoon_mukherjee_icoDr. Prasoon Mukherjee, Chairman & Founder Universal Success Enterprises, philanthropist Read Bio
satyen_mukherjee_icoDr. Satyen Mukherjee, ex-Chief Scientist, Managing Director, Phillips Research North America Read Bio
goutam_das_icoDr. Goutam Das, Cofounder Syngene Intn’l, Angel Investor, General Sec. Assoc. of Biotech Led Enterprises Read Bio
sarbari_gupta_icoDr. Sarbari Gupta, Founder, CEO & President, Electrosoft Corp. 2019 WBJ Minority Business Leader Award Read Bio
pradip_ghosh_icoDr. Pradip K. Ghosh, founder Int’l Institute of Innovation & Technology, educator, entrepreneur, philanthropist Read Bio
smarajit_mitra_icoDr. Smarajit Mitra, Senior 3M Executive (retired), Noted Chemist, holds over 33 patents Read Bio
soumya_dey_icoMr. Soumya Dey, Associate Director, DC Dept. of Transportation, Winner Cafritz award in public leadership Read Bio
satyam_raychowdhury_icoMr. Satyam Raychowdhury, cofounder managing Director, Techno India Group, founder Sister Nivedita University Read Bio
sumita_mitra_icoDr. Sumita Mitra, Inductee National Inventors Hall of Fame. Corporate Scientist 3M, holds 100 patents Read Bio
paritosh_chakravarti_icoDr. Paritosh M. Chakravarti, CEO PMC Group, former CTO PPG Industries Read Bio
paroma_sanyal_icoDr. Paroma Sanyal. Senior Consultant Brattle Group, former chief economist, wireless bureau, FCC. Read Bio
tk_mukherjee_icoMr. TK Mukherjee, Founder CEO Cybertec Read Bio
santanu_dutta_icoDr. Santanu Dutta SVP, Chief Engineer, Ligado Networks, FORUM CO-CONVENER Read Bio
amitava_dutta_icoDr. Amitava Dutta Chairman, Information Systems & Operations Management Dept. George Mason University, FORUM CO-CONVENER Read Bio



Dr. Amartya Bhattacharjya 

Dr. Kaveri Das 

Mr. Subir De 

Dr. Tridib Mazumdar

Dr. Dia Bagchi

Mr. Dipto Chakravarty

Ms. Amrita Paul

Program Schedule


Saturday July 06, 2019

Entrepreneurship in The Knowledge Economy




Coffee, Light breakfast, informal networking


Keynote: Atul Jain  CEO  TEOCO, "Creating Breakthrough Results"


Transition break


Panel 1: Entrepreneurship – Successful Executions

Panelists: Sarbari Gupta, Goutam Das, TK Mukherjee


Networking Lunch Sponsored by TEOCO and Cybertec


Panel 2: Entrepreneurship – Enabling Factors

Panelists: Satyen Mukherjee, Paroma Sanyal, Soumya Dey, Sumita Mitra, Smarajit Mitra





Sunday July 07, 2019

Entrepreneurship in The Brick and Mortar Economy




Informal Networking


Keynote: Prasoon Mukherjee


Bio break and panel transition time


Panel 1: Entrepreneurship in action

Panelists: Satyam Raychowdhuri, Paritosh Chakravarti, Alapon Bandyopadhyay, Pradip Ghosh



SATURDAY Entrepreneurship – Successful Executions:  This panel will consist of speakers who have personally gone through the entrepreneurship experience with notable success, and can speak to the critical success factors that led to the birth, early growth, and continued development of their enterprises.  Issues such as talent acquisition and retention, outsourcing of high end technical work, financing and business development will be addressed.

SATURDAY Entrepreneurship – Enabling Factors: This panel will consist of speakers who are not entrepreneurs themselves, but have valuable experience in identifying paths to market for aspiring entrepreneurs.  This will include personality traits that are key to entrepreneurial success, entrepreneurship opportunities made possible by emerging technologies, new government policies related to information and wireless technologies and intellectual property protection, and small business incentives from state and the federal government.

SUNDAY Entrepreneurship in Brick and Mortar Industries:   This panel will consist of speakers who have achieved significant prominence in more traditional brick and mortar industries, which still constitute a major segment of the economy in many countries.  While the personal characteristics that make for a successful entrepreneur transcends industries, brick and mortar industries present different challenges and opportunities compared to knowledge based industries. Our speakers will share their experiences in this more traditional space.

Mr. Atul Jain,

Founder & CEO, TEOCO





BIO: Atul Jain founded TEOCO Corporation in 1994 with a dream of building a successful business model, not just a successful business. A key part of this goal was to first build a successful company without compromising its Core Values. Today, TEOCO is a global organization with 1,000+ employees and revenues exceeding $100 Million


Today, TEOCO's corporate culture is its biggest asset. Mr. Jain has created numerous mechanisms for employee-owners of TEOCO to participate in the decision-making process, encouraging and coaching them to act as owners along the way. The company has created an environment where employee-owners and entrepreneurs can give life to their dreams "without selling their soul to the devil".


Prior to starting TEOCO Corporation, Mr. Jain worked at TIBCO, a Silicon Valley firm, for seven years. Mr. Jain holds a Master’s degree in computer science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.


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Dr. Prasoon Mukherjee

CEO, PMC Group




BIO: Mr. Prasoon Mukherjee, a Singapore based Non Resident Indian and an eminent industrialist, is the chairman and founder of Universal Success Enterprises (USE). He first became an entrepreneur in 1995 with energy trading (crude) based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He later ventured into hospitality and infrastructure. He founded the Singapore based USE in the year 2000 as part of his vision for undertaking large project developments. His Indian roots motivated him to further expand his business to India and he launched some major projects here, with a vision to participate in India’s growing success.  A well known philanthropist, he has redefined corporate governance by engaging in several social activities such as lending a helping hand in times of natural calamities, helping the physically challenged, promoting national level sports and even sponsoring book fairs and film festivals.  A team of qualified and able professionals assist him in his endeavor to achieve his dream vision of creating a hallmark for USE in India’s success story.

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Dr. Satyendranath Mukherjee




BIO: Dr. Satyen Mukherjee retired recently as Chief Scientist at Philips Research North America, served as the managing director of Philips Research North America, Department Head, Microelectronic Devices, Circuits and Systems at Philips Research. He obtained B.Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, in 1976, and was awarded the President of India Gold Medal for standing first from all branches of Engineering. Then he was with the Philips Research Laboratories in the Netherlands. He obtained Ph.D. from Carleton University, Canada. He worked at Intel Corporation on the first 256K CMOS EPROM, and holds the original patent world's first 512K flash memory. He subsequently joined Philips Research and has transferred several IC technologies to product divisions generating several billion dollars in revenues. He holds numerous patents and has published widely.  He is engaged in promoting energy efficiency technologies with the US federal (DOE, DoD, ARPA-E). He was the chairman of the board of directors of Continental Automated Building Association (CABA) for four years. CABA is an international industrial association with over 350 member companies promoting building automation related technologies and solutions.

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Dr. Goutam Das



BIO: Dr. Goutam Das had his initial training at Presidency College, Kolkata and at the University of Calcutta. Following his Ph.D. in molecular biology, Dr. Das had a stint of post-doctoral training at University of Rochester, NY. Dr. Das started his career at Astra Research Centre India, Bangalore (ARCI was a wholly owned subsidiary of Astra AB, Sweden, currently AstraZeneca Plc) as a senior scientist in 1988. In 1994 he co-founded Syngene International, Asia’s first contract research and development organization in the life science area with India’s most prominent biotech entrepreneur Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. Dr. Das served as the head of Syngene till the end of 2010. Dr. Das served as a member of the Biocon Group’s core top management team from 2000 – 2010 and worked closely with other members to take Biocon public in 2004. Syngene till 2015 was a wholly owned subsidiary of Biocon and currently is a public limited company with a market cap of more than USD1.5 Bn. Since 2011, Dr. Das is engaged with a number of organizations as a strategic consultant, scientific advisor and board member in India and abroad. Dr. Das together with his wife has angel investment for some of the startup companies in India and the USA. Dr. Das is also the general secretary of Association of Biotech Led Enterprises (ABLE), a not for profit organization working towards growth of biotech industries in India.

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Dr. Sarbari Gupta



BIO: Dr. Sarbari Gupta has been active in the information security industry for over twenty years. She has a broad base of knowledge and experience in the areas of cybersecurity, privacy and cryptographic solutions. She holds a B.Tech degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur; MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the U. of Maryland, College Park; and CISSP and CISA certifications. Dr. Gupta has authored over twenty technical papers/presentations in refereed conferences/journals and several chapters in two cybersecurity books. She holds four patents in areas of cryptography. She has co-authored several NIST Special Publications in the areas of Electronic Authentication, Security Configuration Management, and Mobile Credentials. Dr. Gupta is the Founder, President and CEO of Electrosoft, a provider of technology-based services and solutions with a special focus on cybersecurity. Electrosoft has been serving Federal Government customers since 2001 and was recently recognized by Washington Business Journal (WBJ) as one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity companies in the DC area. Dr. Gupta has been recognized for multiple business awards including the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce Stellar Award (2019) and the WBJ Minority Business Leader Award (2019). She participates in multiple community service activities with underprivileged children and young girls to enhance interest in STEM education. See https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarbari-gupta-295b252/ .

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Dr. Sumita Mitra



BIO: Dr. Sumita Mitra is a chemist by training, receiving her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Kolkata, India and her Ph.D. in Organic Polymer Chemistry from the University of Michigan. She joined 3M Company in 1978, held positions of increasing responsibility, and was appointed Corporate Scientist, 3M’s highest position on the scientific track, in 1998. She directed the new materials/products research and development efforts at 3M Oral Care Solutions until her retirement in 2010. From 1999 to 2010 she also served as the Industrial Director of the Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics at the School of Dentistry of University of Minnesota. Currently, Dr. Mitra is a Partner and Co-owner of Mitra Chemical Consulting LLC.


Dr. Mitra is the creator, inventor of many new materials, and her inventions in nanocomposites, adhesives and resin-modified glass ionomers have been commercialization to many novel products that have transformed the practice of dentistry.  She has 100 US patents and ~90 publications including 13 chapters in 11 books. She is an internationally recognized lecturer and has given >100 presentations in 45 countries.


Dr. Mitra was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2018 for novel work related to inventions in nanotechnology for use in dental materials. She was elected to the 3M Carlton Society 1998, the highest 3M award given for lifelong contribution to R&D. In 2009, she received American Chemical Society (ACS) Heroes of Chemistry Award. The International Association of Dental Research recognized her for Innovation in Dental Materials with the Peyton-Skinner Award in 2012.


Dr. Mitra is involved in many volunteer activities, particularly to those related to STEM. She serves on the board of the Minnesota Independent Schools Forum and its STEM Advisory Council. She is very active in the greater Indian Community of Twin Cities.

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Dr. Smarajit Mitra



BIO: Born in Kolkata, India, Smarajit Mitra took 1st position in the Higher Secondary Examination in 1966 in West Bengal. He got his B.Sc. from Presidency College, Calcutta, and his M.Sc. from Calcutta University, both in Chemistry. He received his Doctorate in Organic/Polymer Chemistry from the University of Michigan and was a Research Associate at Case Western Reserve Univ.


He spent 32 years in 3M Co. in St. Paul, MN, in various capacities in research, product development, laboratory management, new business development, strategic planning and mergers & acquisitions. He was a pioneer in polymeric colorants and is a recognized expert in microencapsulation, silicone polymers, cosmetic science, food safety and microbial control. He managed technologies for iconic brands like Scotch-Brite ™ and Scotchgard and designed microgravity experiments for the US Space Shuttle program with NASA. He has 33 US patents (and their foreign equivalents) and over 40 publications and presentations. Currently he is the partner/co-owner of a global chemical consultancy firm, Mitra Chemical Consulting LLC.


Dr. Mitra has founded and/or served in leadership roles in many local Indian community organizations in Minnesota like the India Association of MN and the Bengali Association of MN.  He served on the Board of non-profit organizations like Neighborhood House in Minnesota.


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Soumya S. Dey

P.E., PMP, Associate Director with the Washington, DC Department of Transportation. 



BIO: In his present role, Soumya is responsible for the safety and operation of the transportation infrastructure in the nation’s capital valued at $50 billion and utilized by 1.25 million users (comprising of residents, commuters and tourists) every day.  He leads a staff of over 450 and an annual budget of $75 million in the areas of intelligent transportation system, transportation management center and other aspects of DC DOT’s operations.  Soumya has over twenty years of experience in the transportation profession, spanning the public and private sectors.   He is a recognized thought leader in the industry in the application of data analytics, policy and business strategy to enhance customer experience, organizational efficiency, and system performance. He has held several leadership roles at DDOT including Chief Traffic Engineer and Director of Research & Technology Transfer. He has a BS in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, an MS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from the University of Maryland.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Transportation Engineer, a registered professional engineer, a certified project management professional and a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.  He is a recipient of IIT Kharagpur’s B.C.Roy Gold Medal, ITE’s Past Presidents Award and the Cafritz Award from George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. He has authored over 50 publications and is a sought-after speaker at professional forums.

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Dr. Paroma Sanyal

Senior Consultant, Brattle Group



BIO: Paroma Sanyal is a Senior Consultant at Brattle Group, a leading Economic Consulting firm in US and Europe.  She is also the former Chief Economist of the Wireless Bureau at US Federal Communications Commission. Prior to joining the Federal Communication Commission, she was an assistant professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School and in the Economics Department, where she taught and advised undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. students.


Dr. Sanyal is an expert in telecommunications, regulatory and competition issues focusing on the wireless industry, and spectrum related matters. She has co-authored a paper on spectrum valuation in a 5G world, and has considerable experience in econometric modelling, applied microeconomics and general economic policy. Her published research has spanned policy issues in the telecommunications and energy sectors, and intellectual property and corporate finance related issues. She received a Ph.D. in from the University of California, Irvine, as well as a Master’s in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics in India.


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BIO: Mr. Mukherjee is a serial Information Technology entrepreneur who has built several successful companies from scratch to multimillion-dollar revenue, with substantial clientele among US Government agencies and joint development in the US and India. He started his career with the Govt of India as an IES (Indian Engineering Services) officer and has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as GE and Oracle.  In 1991 he co-founded AKR Information services in India in collaboration with IIT Delhi to provide Bid data and CAD services to Construction projects, which was subsequently acquired by E&Y. In 1996 he joined a startup called Optimos and built it to around 70 M size in 7 years, which was subsequently acquired by a multi-Billion Dollar Public company. In 2009 he acquired two startups- Cybertec, Inc and IT Logix, Inc., both of which provide Enterprise IT Solutions to Federal and State Governments in USA and global commercial clients.  His clients include US DOD, Treasury, EPA and DOL, as well as private sector customers (Pfizer, Merc, Tuft Health, Qantas Energy, Credit Suisse, Brighthouse Financial).  Since 2004 he has outsourced some of his software developments, including project delivery and back office support, to offshore centers in India.  From locations at Bangalore and Delhi the offshore teams are working with the onsite team in US to develop/test software applications. His key strengths are: Creating Innovative Technology Solutions.  Procurement Processes in Govt and commercial sectors. Raising Capital, Business Process Transformation, Forming Strategic Alliances, International Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions.  Mr. Mukherjee has an MS in Computer Science and EMBA, Georgetown University, and a B. Tech from IIT Kharagpur.

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Dr. Paritosh M. Chakrabarti

CEO, PMC Group




BIO: PMC Group is a growth oriented, diversified, global chemicals company dedicated to innovative solutions for everyday needs in a broad range of end markets including plastics, consumer products, electronics, paints, packaging, personal care, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals. PMC Group began in 1994 as a vision in the mind of CEO Dr. P.M. Chakrabarti, then Chief Technical Officer of the Fortune 100 chemical powerhouse PPG Industries. The vision was to create a new model for the global corporation, one in which top line and bottom line growth go hand in hand, while promoting social good. The engine for this growth is the profits generated by the organization and the fuel for this engine is innovation.



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Dr. Pradip K. Ghosh

Educator, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist




BIO: Dr. Pradip Ghosh was born and raised in Kolkata and came to the US for graduate studies.  His mission is to create forums where people can come together to help various social causes.  Deeply involved in philanthropy, the Ghosh family has contributed more than 5 Crore Rupees for charitable hospital, maintaining more than 250 orphan children, destitute and handicapped women, funding libraries, schools and athletic facilities in West Bengal.  They own and operate four Montessori Schools, and a large 60 unit assisted living facility in Maryland.  With his doctorate in economics and engineering, and diploma in international law, Pradip taught at Universities for 14 years.  He served as Commissioner for the Howard County Human Rights Commission.  His major work has been the publication of 20 international development research books by Greenwood Praeger Publishers.  He was awarded outstanding scholar in 3rd world development by the Global Development Conference. Dr. Ghosh is the founder of the Washington Kali temple.  He received an award for distinguished service to the community at the 2004 NABC.  More recently, Dr. Ghosh has created the International Institute of Innovation and Technology in Kolkata as its founder and Chairman.  The center seeks to open new frontiers of research in Public Health.

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Mr. Satyam Raychowdhury




BIO: Satyam Roychowdhury is a renowned entrepreneur dedicated to the cause of widening the changing horizons of education in modern India.   One of the founders & Managing Director of Techno India Group, he has already proved himself to be a born leader and has expanded the Group’s activities in the fields of Healthcare, Hospitality, Media, Entertainment and so on.  The latest venture is Sister Nivedita University in New Town, Kolkata. SNU is aimed at bridging the industry-academia gap by developing a unique model to integrate the emerging skill-based trainings into the academic cycle. The vision is to address the human capital need of the state by focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship.  The Techno India Group started from a computer training centre, and through  sheer will power, hard work and the courage, grew to a 55,000 plus student base, and now stands out to be one of the largest Knowledge Management Groups in India.  For years Mr.Roychowdhury has been one of the major patrons of North American Bengali Conference and Nikhil Bharat Banga Sahitya Sammelan.   He holds important positions in almost all of the leading conglomerates of Indian commerce & industries including Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BNCCI), Indo American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), Indo German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) etc.

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Dr. Santanu Dutta

Chief Engineer, SVP Technology Research,

Ligado Networks


Business Forum Co-Convener



BIO: Santanu leads Technology Research at Ligado Networks.  He has over 35 years’ R&D experience in diverse aspects of wireless communications.  His team identifies and analyzes new technologies that further the company’s interests in providing hybrid (satellite-terrestrial) communications to Internet of Things (IOT) applications.  He has led the development and standardization of technologies that can link regular smartphones to satellites.  He helped build Ligado’s patent portfolio, valued at several tens of millions of dollars, and is an inventor in over 50 patents.  With three partners, he founded a company to incubate mobile payment technologies using smartphone apps.  Prior to Ligado, Santanu worked at Ericsson, Rockwell Collins, and other companies, including HMV in Kolkata, where he designed some of the early stereo amplifiers for the Indian market.  He obtained a Ph.D EE from the University of Manchester (UK), M.Sc in Communications Engineering from Bradford University (UK) and B.Tech (Electronics) from IIT Kharagpur. 

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Dr. Amitava Dutta

Chair, Information Systems & Operations Management Dept.

School of Business

George Mason University


Business Forum Co-Convener



BIO:  Amitava is Chairman of the Information Systems and Operations Management Department in the School of Business at George Mason University, where he also holds the the LeRoy Eakin Endowed Chair.  He has more than 35 years of research and teaching experience in academia, with a focus on the business value of information technology.  He has over 50 journal and conference publications and has won awards for teaching at GMU.  His graduate students include senior managers from Fortune 100 Technology Companies and federal, state and local government agencies.  Amitava holds appointments on the editorial boards of several major business journals and he is a Certified Information Systems Auditor.  He obtained his Ph.D in Management from Purdue University, M.S. in Computer Science from University of California Santa Barbara, and B. Tech in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. 

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