Amader Ei Jibano Gaan – The story of our life - is an audiovisual extravaganza delineating the journey of ours – the Bengali Americans.  This musical is of one hour duration and it depicts the story of our various experiences of life thru growing up in Bengali culture in India, followed by migrating and settling down in USA and maintaining our appreciation towards our unique Bengali culture as a Bengali American.

The story unfolds with the character of a Bengali young girl named Rini who listens to Bengali lullaby and folklores which are uniquely associated with Bengali culture. She then grows up in India experiencing various culturally unique milestones of Bengali life style.  Eventually she migrates to USA and goes thru her experience of settling down in a new world and yet retaining her cultural identity. As she matures – she reflects on her life, her appreciation of her cultural root and her existence as a Bengali American.

The entire story will be portrayed with various dance forms of Bengali/Indian tradition. Sapphire group will perform many of these dances as an individual group and also as the lead dancers of a group of about 50 local first and second generation Bengali Americans.  The performances will include various dance forms that are unique to Bengali culture. The performance will bring back our nostalgia for Bengal, and our appreciation toward our reach and unique cultural heritage.

Dance 1Dance 2Dance 3Dance 4

Performance By Sapphire Dance Group at NABC Kick-Off meeting in Kolkata on Jan 15th 2019