This last decade has seen many advances in the field of medical science; yet there are barriers that still need to be overcome. Keeping this in mind, we want to set our NABC  2019 medical seminar as an interactive platform for the transaction of thought-provoking ideas on crossing barriers and recognizing challenges. This year, the medical seminar will be designed to address issues such as:

  • creating awareness of mental health, depression, Alzheimer’s

  • overcoming barriers to diabetes control: through nutrition and yoga

  • identifying barriers and challenges faced by the elderly population living in India and USA: insurance and elderly care information 

  • acknowledging the challenges faced by the care-givers in the heart-rending narratives from our own community 

Please participate in the lively discussions by the eminent panel of specialists and provide your feed-back from the audience. We are also arranging for information booths which would be your one-stop-shop for all of the above.


For more information, Please contact us at NABC 2019