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Bratya Basu is a professor of Bengali literature, a dramatist, director, actor and a politician. Basu was West Bengal's minister for education till May 2014 and was then assigned the tourism portfolio. He was elected a MLA, from the Dum Dum constituency in 2011 Assembly Election of West Bengal.

Bratya Basu’s noted plays thereafter include Aranyadeb, Shahar Yaar, Virus-M, Winkle-Twinkle, etc. These plays are not only popular but also unique in different genres of modern literary theatre and subject to manifold interpretations. His other important plays include Ruddhasangeet, Chatushkon, Hemlat - the Prince of Garanhata, Krishna Gahobar, Shawteroi July, Bikele Bhorer Sorshey Phool, Supari Killer, Boma etc. He has formed the theatre group Kalindi Bratyajon in 2008.

He has directed three films – Raasta, Teesta and Tara. He has also acted in many films which include KaalbelaIcchey, Sthaniyo Sambad, Hemlock Society, Muktodhara etc.

Basu has bagged many awards and recognition. Some of them include the Shyamal Sen Memorial award (1998), Dishari Award (2000), Satyen Mitra Award (2001, 2003, 2004), Shambhu Mitra Samman, conferred by Rajdanga Dyotak, Khaled Choudhury Samman, conferred by Abhash, Shilpayan Samman and the prestigious Ritwik Ghatak Smriti Puroskar, conferred by Rajshahi Ritwik Ghatak Memorial Committee, Republic of Bangladesh. In the 26th Annual Kalakar Awards 2018, he has won the Special Jury Award 2018 for his outstanding performance in the film Baranda. 


Debshankar Haldar










Debshankar Haldar is the superstar of Bengali theater. In his acting career, Debshankar has been associated with theater groups like Nandikar, Natyaranga, Sudrak, Bratyajan, Blank Verse etc. ‘Bhalo Manush Noigo Mora’, 'Sesh Shakkhatkar', 'Football', 'Ei Sahar Ei Samay', ‘Amar Priyo Rabindranath’, ‘Gotroheen’, ‘Ruddhasangeet’ are some of his famous plays.

He has acted in many films as well like 'Aleek Sukh', 'Maya Mridanga' but his main priority has always been theater. His first directorial venture outside Nandikar is Story Teller's 'Topi'. Debshankar has received the highest theater award -- ‘Sangeet Natak Academy Award’ in 2014.

Biplab Bandopadhyay










Biplab Bandhyapadhyay is a popular face of Bengali television and theatre. He has played major roles in ‘Teesta Parer Brittyanto’, ‘Mefisto’, ‘Putul Nacher Itikotha’ and ‘Bisarjan’. Apart from acting he has directed many plays as well. In 2009 he formed a theatre group named ‘Prachyo’.<

Chaiti Ghoshal








Chaiti Ghoshal is an acclaimed film and television actress. She has performed in a good number of Bengali plays including "Dakghar" directed by Tripti Mitra.



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