NABC 2019 will arrange for “Mukta Mancha” -- an open stage for showcasing cultural activities -- at a high visibility location, adjacent to the area with busy pedestrian movement.

The programs to be performed at Mukta Mancha will have to be approved by NABC 2019 Organization Committee and its decision will be deemed final.

For more information, Please contact us at NABC 2019 if you are interested in performing at Mukta Mancha.


Paroma Sanyal: (617) 877-1563

Kumkum Bagchi: (240) 4917800




  1. There is no program registration fee.
  2. NABC 2019 Mukto Moncho Committee, and/or the Executive Committee are the sole decision makesr regarding selection of any particular program.
  3. NABC 2019 reserves the right to reject any proposed performance if deemed inappropriate by the Committee or for any other reason whatsoever.
  4. Every effort will be made to maintain the program schedule. However, NABC 2019 Mukto Moncho Committee reserves the right to change the scheduled timing and the venue (stage, auditorium, etc.) of the program without advance notice to the performers.
  5. Maximum time allotted for any program will be 20 minutes or less and time allotted for each program shall be strictly enforced. The Mukto Moncho Committee reserves the right to take any and all appropriate actions to stop the program in case the program overruns the slated time limit. ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUESTED TO NOTE THIS ITEM AND STRICTLY LIMIT THEIR PERFORMANCE TO THE TIME ALLOTTED.
  6. All individuals participating in a program must be individually registered for the NABC 2019. Registration badge will be a requirement for access to the stage/green room area.
  7. Mukto Moncho Committee NABC 2019 reserves the right to approve or disapprove the request for reserving two or more slots by one organization.
  8. NABC will not be responsible for making arrangements for an audience-packed auditorium. Presence of sufficient number of spectators in the auditorium is beyond the control of the organizers. Performers must understand that the audiences have the right to select the program they want to attend. No request from the Performers/Director for rescheduling the program due the insufficient spectator (in the performers’ judgment), will be entertained.
  9. The program organizer/performers must not engage in any activity (such as display, lecture, recitation, play, dance, drama, dance drama, vocal and /or instrumental music and/or any other form of presentations) which could be construed as an attempt to convey any message of a political party/propaganda, any religious thought or faith, or any activity that may create racial or communal controversy or ill feeling.
  10. The program organizer/performers must not engage in any activity (such as display, lecture, recitation, play, dance, drama, dance drama, vocal and/or instrumental music and/or any other form of presentations) which in the sole opinion of NABC 2019 is considered “obscene” and/or “vulgar”.
  11. The “stage preparation time” and “stage clean up time” are the Management’s time and will be utilized at the discretion of the Mukto Moncho team. No compromise will be made regarding the use of stage preparation and clean up time, in full or part thereof, by the performers.
  12. The program organizers/performers must not engage in any activity during their performance which could create any form of environmental, chemical, and/or fire hazard including but not limited to open flame, storage of combustible and hazardous material, tampering or interfering with electrical lines, etc.
  13. The performing organizations and all individual performers participating in the performances must have adequate insurance against all types of injury and/or loss due to accidents, errors, omissions or commission of acts by the NABC 2019 organizers, volunteers, employees and officers. The performing organization and its individual performers will have to exempt the NABC 2019 organizers, its volunteers, employees and officers from any responsibilities for any such injury and/or loss.
  14. Failure to comply with any of the above Terms and Conditions may lead to cancellation of the program or stopping the performance during its presentation.




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