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Full Length Feature Films

বসু পরিবার

Basu Paribaar

Director - SUMAN GHOSH (Attending)
110 minutes

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Soumitra Chatterje and Aparna Sen head up the stellar cast of this bittersweet tale, which explores the meaning of marriage against a backdrop of the "fading pride of a nebulous past." Mr. and Mrs. Bose are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and family members gather at their once magnificent, now largely decrepit mansion, the place where they married. As the day progresses facades are broken down exposing not only “perfect” relationships but also the the great Basu family myth.  Suman Ghosh, who will be attending the screening along with cast-member Rituparna Sengupta, directs “with a fine eye for the pretensions and wrongdoings of the upper middle class as well as its underlying strength and pain.”(Miguel Pendás)

Basu Paribar




Director - Indrasis Acharya
109 minutes

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Suvro (Rahul) rushes back home from his work in Seattle on news of his mother’s illness. He returns to a family comprising of his father, Sajal (Pradip), uncle Rajat (Kamaleswar) and married sister, Mou (Sudiptaa). But his mother’s demise on the day of his arrival leaves an emptiness that engulfs the family. Just as they were coming to terms with her loss, Suvro’s father suffers a stroke and ends up being comatose. Will things ever get back to normal? Is Suvro here to stay for good? Director Indrasis Acharya masterfully tackles the difficult subject of euthanasia through the lives and challenges of a loving and caring family.  




Director - Pavel
Duration - 2 hrs 18 mins

Trailer (

Based in the backdrop of 19th century Bengal, Rosogolla is a story of a young man with a romantic heart and brilliant mind - Nabin Chandra Das. Nabin had set his heart on making the most delicious sweet of all time for his wife, Khirodmoni. But it was not easy. He faced many trial and tribulations in his journey of making something new and unique. Despite that, he didn't give up on his dreams and finally emerged victorious. Rosogolla is a story of innocent love, struggle and human aspiration to create something new.  




Director - Srijit Mukherji
Duration - 2 hour 29 minutes

Trailer (

The plot is based on true events surrounding the life and death of Evan Leversage, who lived in St George in Ontario, Canada.

In the film, a young girl, Uma (Sara Sengupta) living in Switzerland, is fighting for her life with a terminal disease. She wants to see Durga Puja of Kolkata, the biggest celebrated festival of the Bengali Hindus. Himadri Sen, her father (Jisshu Sengupta) takes her to Kolkata to fulfill her dream by planning to set up a fake Durga Puja. Her father and family struggle much to make his daughter's dreams come true and find a director called Brahmananda Chakraborty (Anjan Dutt). The failed director sees this as his opportunity to create a masterpiece, by helping a dying girl. After several requests, the director agrees and makes a false set of Durga Puja. During this, they face many problems to make Uma's dream true.





Director - Saibal Banerjee, Leena Gangopadhyay
Duration – 2 hour 3 minutes

Trailer (

Meghla (Paoli Dam) finds out her grandmother had been killed in her ancestral home in East Pakistan by a trusted retainer of the family. Many years after the tragedy, Meghla goes back to Kutubdia to trace her roots and faces the murderer's family who now occupy her house.

'Maati' traces Meghla's trials with truth and humanity, while tackling issues of migration, human displacement and relationships.















এক যে ছিল রাজা

Ek Je Chilo Raja

Director - Srijit Mukherji
Duration – 2 hour 27 minutes

Trailer (

Mahendra Kumar Choudhuri, the middle prince of the Bhawal Estate (also known as the Bikrampur Estate), was affected by syphilis and was taken to Darjeeling for treatment along with his wife, Chandrabati Devi, brother-in-law, Satya, and a family doctor, Ashwini. He apparently died in Darjeeling and was cremated there as well. After 12 years, a Sanyasi shows up at the estate, arousing people's curiosity and leading to a rumour that he is the lost prince of the Bikrampur Estate.
















সহজ পাঠের গপ্পো

Sahaj Paather Gappo

Director - Manas Mukul Pal
Duration – 1 hour 21 minutes

Trailer (

10-year-old Gopal's carefree childhood is disrupted when his father meets with an accident. It becomes difficult for his mother to feed him and his little brother Chottu. Gopal starts devising ways to earn money. With a little assistance from Chottu he takes up odd jobs from cleaning wells to selling laboriously plucked fruits in the local village market. Emboldened by his initial success, Gopal fancies himself as the breadwinner of the family. Meanwhile a grand Janmashtami feast is being planned in the Brahmin household where the pulao will be served. Hearing this both the brothers hatch plans of their own. Gopal would like to make a quick buck by selling palmyras for the feast, while Chottu starts dreaming of this fancy dish that he has never seen or tasted. After all he has heard that the whole village will be invited. Based on a story by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, director Manas Mukul Pal weaves one of the most human story on celluloid that is a must watch.  




























দ আর্গুমেন্টিভ ইন্দিয়ান

The Argumentative Indian

Director - Suman Ghosh
Duration - 56 minutes

Trailer (

This documentary traces the life and work of India's Renaissance man and Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen. Widely regarded as one of the greatest living intellectuals of the world, the film explores his formative years and their influence on his views of the world. We learn about the intellectual roots of his views on Development Economics, on Philosophy and the current rise of nationalism in the world.  











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