As part of this celebration, NABC 2019 is organizing a Bengali Street Drama Competition for theater performers in North America.  The plays will be judged by a panel of eminent Directors/actors/playwrights from Kolkata.  Based on the decision made by the judge, participating teams will be awarded for best overall production, direction, acting, and artistic value.  The judges from Kolkata will be available for providing constructive criticism on the overall performance.   So here is an opportunity to showcase your art in front of eminent theatre personalities and theater lovers from all over the country.


This is an outreach for Bengali theater performers in North America who have faith in theater; who believe theater is an integral part of our community and it fits our lifestyle and our culture; that theater serves an analogous function in our lives – for group reflection, confession, expiation and celebration; that it is meant to hold the psychic well-being and the sanity of a society.  Bring your musical, tragedy, comedy, farce—we are eager to hear your story, and the way you tell your story.  So, hold the mirror up and see who you are.  Let your play illuminate NABC 2019.

For more information, Please contact us at dramafestival@nabc2019.com


Rules and  Requirements

All members of the Drama Team  have to be registered  as an attendee. (this is a key requirement).

Length of each play – 30 minutes or less (this is a key requirement).

Set-up time – 15 minutes or less


Script – Original work is encouraged, but is not a requirement.  Please avoid strong religious, political, or other bias.

Format – Each play will be presented in street drama format on a rectangular platform.  Chairs for audience will be set up in front of this area for the viewers.

Stage – The stage will be adequately lighted to create a street drama environment free of special or moving lights.

Sound – A sound system will be available for playing background music. Up to 6 lapel microphones will be available for the actors

Green Room – Make-shift green rooms with desks and mirrors will be available.

Props – A table and six chairs will be provided.  Performers can bring light props, as long as they can be set up within 15 minutes and removed or dismantled in 5 minutes.

Stage rehearsal – NABC 2019 will not be able to allow time or venue for stage rehearsal.

Performers – Amateurs, not professionals.

Expenses -- Performers are responsible for their travel and lodging.

Registration – All performers must be registered with NABC 2019 by April 31, 2019.

Application process – Each team needs to submit the attached application form with requested information by March 31, 2019.

Application fee – A one-time non-refundable fee of $300 will be levied to each participating team.

Selection process – Selection of teams for performance at NABC 2019 will be totally at the discretion of the board members.  The decision will be communicated to all applicants by March 1, 2019.  Appeals on the decision will not be encouraged. 

Refund of application fee – The $300 application fee will be refunded to teams not selected for performance in NABC 2019.  However, a Muktomancha - an open  stage at a prominent location will be  available, free of charge, if the teams choose to perform there.

Judgement – The decision of the judges will be the sole basis of the awards and will be deemed to be final.  Appeals on the decision will not be encouraged.

Awards for top performers – Top performing teams will be awarded with a certificate signed and presented by the eminent judges.  The best production will be provided an opportunity to perform in one of the main stages.

Cancellation of Event – NABC 2019 reserves the right to cancel this event for unforeseen reasons beyond our control.  If that happens, we will notify the participants as soon as we can but not later than April 30, 2019.


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