NABC 2019 Business Seminar Overview


Business Seminar: What is it:

An NABC event in the National Capital area, leveraging its unique access to the federal government.  

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The seminar will have the following key themes. 


·         Doing business with the Federal/State Government.  

o    Presentations by successful entrepreneurs and senior government officials on how best to engage government agencies (e.g. NIH, DOT, DOD, DOE and others) to successfully launch and grow an entrepreneurial business.  


·         Leveraging competitive advantage by performing R&D in India, particularly West Bengal

o    Real life stories by successful NRI entrepreneurs who have travelled this path

o    Presentations by West Bengal government representatives highlighting benefits offered by the West Bengal government.


·         Elder care services in West Bengal.  

o    Many NRIs struggle with the responsibilities of caring for aging parents and relatives back home.  The elder care service business is growing rapidly in West Bengal.  Presentations will be provided by representatives from this sector.


·         Status of Health Care services in West Bengal.  

o    Both for our relatives back home, and ourselves, the availability of world class healthcare facilities in West Bengal is a subject of major interest.  Presentations will be provided by major stakeholders from this sector.


Please do participate in the lively discussions by the eminent panel of specialists and provide your feed-back from the audience.


For more information, Please contact NABC 2019