NABC 2019 will arrange for a friendly Bridge Tournament

among interested participants.

Participants must register here for the Bridge Tournament

Participants can register as a pair or as an individual.

NABC 2019 will help in pairing up individual registrants

with other players in order to form 2 person teams.

The tournament will be held on Saturday, July 6th

and Sunday, July 7th at the upper levels of the Baltimore

Convention Center.

This will be a PAIR event, limited to twenty pairs (40 players).

North-South pairs, remaining stationary, will play with N-S

cards, and East-West pairs moving from one table to the next,

will play with E-W cards, following Mitchell movement.

There will be one N-S winner and one E-W winner.

For more info please contact Director of Bridge

Tournament Dr. Bimal Sinha (, 443-538-3012)