Message from NABC 2019 Chair 


Dear Friends,

It is my great honor to cordially welcome you to this website and invite you to attend 39th North American Bengali Conference 2019, which will be held in Baltimore on 5th, 6th and 7th July 2019.

Over the years, NABC movement has become the epitome of our Bengali existence in America - resonating with our appreciation towards our rich cultural heritage and celebrating our diaspora existence. At NABC 2019 we are dedicated in developing a similar hearty joyous environment of very high standard that would commensurate with our collective nostalgia and aspirations.

Our team of dedicated volunteers are working very hard to make this happen. We are focusing on every minute details in every area of activities including performing art, seminars, food service, registration process, hospitality and so forth. We are continuously reviewing our plans and working on the betterment so that you can experience a very high standard of cultural programs and the matching support services with similar very high standards.

We earnestly look forward to seeing you at NABC 2019.

With Best Regards,

Biswajit Sen


39th North American Bengali Conference 2019